Monday, June 10, 2013

Where's My Glue....?

A common problem I had when i was crafting, always setting down my Tombo Glue and not being able to find it...Some use the Tape adhesive, but after awhile (I save cards) it starts to wear off and parts of the card start falling off..I've had to reattach a few things (lol), So I switched to using Tombo Adhesive Glue. I LOVE this stuff!..
But I would misplace it, and then I would find the cap but not the glue and then pictured glue oozing out somewhere underneath my mess...So Here's an easy solution, It doesnt dry out your glue and you never have to worry about finding that misplaced cap again!..
I use a votive glass cup, which is cheap at any local Dollar store, or general store. I happened to have them laying around, when you are done using it you just store it upside down like this!
As you can see I use mine a LOT!  What a great Tip !

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