Thursday, May 9, 2013

Candles and Tissue Paper!

Love this!

Old Candles?...A Fantastic Idea by Stampin UP!...I saw this idea as i peaked through the new catalog and instantly had to try it!..I grabbed an old candle and went to work..I didn't do anything fancy..I wanted to just see if it would work out first before ruining all my candles around the house!..
I would LOVE to share this idea with you!..

Supplies: Old Candles or New :), tissue paper, Heat gun, Roller wheel with
desired design.
Candles : You can find Candles out there at dollar stores all shapes and sizes..
I went with the musical notes because my boys are into music. Cut out a strip of tissue paper, size it how wide you want it (whether you want it to cover the whole candle or part).
I used my Stampin up new Trimmer which you can purchase from me HERE
Stamp out your image on the tissue paper. Wrap it around the candle and take your heat gun and heat the tissue paper. You will see it adhere to the candle.
One tip: Don't keep it in one place for too long, the candle does start melting (which i found out!)
Just add some embelishments and Bam!!...You have a fresh new looking candle for display!..
HINT: What a great Mothers Day Idea!!..Do you feel the inspiration coming??..
Try stamping the entire tissue paper with flowers or any stamp of your choice, I went with the roller wheel because i just wanted to try it quickly
Have Fun !

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