Sunday, February 23, 2014

How to make flowers using SU punches

Here I used two Stampin Up punches to make flowers.

 I used The Bird Punch and Blossom Flowers XL.
You Can follow the pictures and see how easy it really is to do.

Using your choice of CS, Punch out the top left pedal and the middle small one.

Using the Bird Punch, punch out two of the leaf stems
Now take the Large pedal that you punched out and stick it part way in as shown, try not to get the pedal into the one next to it, or you will cut out a notch on the side.


Take both pieces and put them together as shown (adhere with Mono adhesive) and snip of the bottom part of the pedal.

Take both stems and cut off
one of the stems as shown.


Adhere the stems, putting the
stem that was cut under the
second stem as shown.




Using your Mono adhesive attach the leaves to your flower and JOILA! you have your own flower!.


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